Creative Wedding Proposal

MORTY Puzzle

MORTY Puzzle

The nice guy from the pictures had a wonderful wedding proposal project on his mind and he appointed us to make his proposal possible. He wished to have a morty puzzle which include the exactly setting of their favourite board rooms cafe and let us to illustrate the exact details of the wedding ring. His plan was to assemble the puzzle together with his future wife in the cafe and propose to her when the puzzle has come to an complete

Of course she said Yes, and the couple were thankful for this unique wedding proposal idea.

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Unique & Special Souvenirs from Malaysia

10440764_10152488490244394_7262295954453266641_n2 french technicians were sent to attend a 2 weeks training in Malaysia and they instantly fell in love with Malaysia & our food. Therefore, the HR from the Malaysia company commisioned us to create 2 Morty Tag for the french with illustrating each of their outfit with the company logo, and Malaysia’s famous landmark as background.

They were delighted with the Morty Tag & back to France with the meaningful souvenirs exclusively from Malaysia.

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Memorable Farewell Gift to Colleague

10672239_10152721875384394_1107674117629235323_n10438404_636153146505602_3711319523493573443_nA department of three had come up with an idea to have a
Morty Tee as a farewell gift to one leaving member. The three has always work shoulder-by-shoulder in a couple of years and they have a tight relationship. So, they requested us to come up with a design to include all three of them printed on a red color t-shirt. On the last day, the leaving member wore the gift to the office and the three of them took a lot of pictures.

They all had a good time with this memorable gift. 10155500_636152543172329_3928101490898901450_n

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