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Graduation Gift from My Cousin

Natalie Lim shoot photo with her graduation gift – MORTY Cushion.

Today is my big day! Getting married? Of cause no! Is my graduation convocation day. Today I received many gifts from my friends and family; flowers, teddy bears, cards….all u can “expected to get” in a convocation ceremony. Well, the most surprising gift is a Morty Cushion from my cousin! I was shocked and ……hmm, kinda speechless see my face in Morty form. It did give me weird feeling at the beginning but I’m start to like this cause it did attract many of my course mates approach me and take photo with it.
This Morty Cushion gave a “I’m Super Star” feeling on that day, it is glamorous baby! I went back and browse through Morty website and immediately it has throbbed my heart. Now I don’t have to worry what to send as gift during my friend’s birthday and special occasion cause I have Morty……..Yay!

About Eric Chua

I have extreme desire to share true happiness to all people every day by producing a huge set of wonderful hand-drawn cartoon personalised gift items that are suitable for any type of special occasion.
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