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Memorable Farewell Gift to Colleague

10672239_10152721875384394_1107674117629235323_n10438404_636153146505602_3711319523493573443_nA department of three had come up with an idea to have a
Morty Tee as a farewell gift to one leaving member. The three has always work shoulder-by-shoulder in a couple of years and they have a tight relationship. So, they requested us to come up with a design to include all three of them printed on a red color t-shirt. On the last day, the leaving member wore the gift to the office and the three of them took a lot of pictures.

They all had a good time with this memorable gift. 10155500_636152543172329_3928101490898901450_n

About Eric Chua

I have extreme desire to share true happiness to all people every day by producing a huge set of wonderful hand-drawn cartoon personalised gift items that are suitable for any type of special occasion.
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