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The BFF Gift that truly special!

We would like to show a “infinite-height” appreciation and very big thank you to my buddy, Eric Chua for such a marvelous and remarkable gift for us in a lovely Saturday night and I would say it totally made our day and insomnia all night long ~~~

Let me have some flash back and tell some grandfather story…. We been hang out together having some coffee during our laidback Saturday night and Eric dropped us a great “bomb” ; surprise gift for us which will be first ever in this world!!!

I been scratching and rubbing my bald head for the past whole week and figuring out what is Eric gonna give us?! Hmm… well I guess more or less would be Morty stuffs or something like watch, necklace, fitness equipments…etc, etc,etc.

Finally, the answer is……Qubee Morty, a 3D Morty paper crafted figurine!!! OMFG!!

This gift is so ~~ (x 10000……) cool and Eric has made a right statement as Qubee Morty is premier in this world and so far, I never seen it before. This is an excellent masterpiece with superb creativity and craftsmanship!!





Good things normally come in pairs; Eric gifted me an MORTY iPad Case with “When Heaven Burns” design for my newly bought New iPad…. This case make me lost my mind as I really a die hard fan of this TVB drama and it means a lot to me; representing our robust friendship last ever after…

We really like this very very much and Eric has brought a rush of warmth into our heart by the customization of our very own quote in this playable Qubee Morty…. I believe that Eric bring another revolutionary in personalized gift industry.

Rock and Roll never die!!  ^^V


About Eric Chua

I have extreme desire to share true happiness to all people every day by producing a huge set of wonderful hand-drawn cartoon personalised gift items that are suitable for any type of special occasion.
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