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MORTY is my exclusive illustration skill which hand-drawn a person into a very special kind of cartoon that can archieve very high similarity compare to the real person. It is different from caricature which is essential to emphasize a person face figures such as nose, mouth, skin texture. (rollover the yellow boxes above to make a comparison of MORTY with their originated photos)

Traditional Caricature
Taiwanese Cartoon Portrait
Mini Figurine
  • Ultimate similar
  • Hand drawn
  • Full custom design
  • Fast production time
  • Affordable
  • Over exaggerated
  • Not widely accept
  • Slow production time
  • Costly
  • Photoshop effect only
  • Not Hand drawn
  • Limited in customization
  • Looks rigid
  • Only achieve 70% similarity
  • Costly
  • Slow production time
  • Non-flexible
  • Slow amendment period

Personalized your MORTY with adding a funny costume, a wonderful scene, & a romantic message which you dare not speak! We have over 120 templates that will just works for you! click here to see the templates

The finished MORTY artwork will be apply into a series of MORTY products.

Browse from over 120 templates or discuss with me about your idea.
There are some rules that you should follow in order to send me a good quality photo. Click here to view the photo rules
I will send you design preview before print. After all, you can get your MORTY products within 7 working days!
Click here for order process
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